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Hello and welcome to the video tour of the Kindle version of 'THIS IS HOW I FEEL', my first book of poems.

The book cover has a minimalist design. I have used orange and yellow, which are the colors of youth. The silhouette is of a teenager, who is jumping in joy because he has fallen in love.

Next, we have the title and author names.

The copyright page.

The dedication page.

The table of contents is quite interesting.

The book has three sections.

  • Watch love take wings

  • Soar higher, farther beyond reach

  • Then see it grounded

Followed by poet's bio and book description.

What's unique about the table of contents is that I have used a haiku. The three verses describe the three sections of the book.

The book has 31 poems. Each poem is complemented by a short poem or free verse and am image.

The first section is about the guy's first love, crushes, infatuations, and obsessions.

The second is about his love and compassion toward his friends and other people.

This is where his love peaks, in a sense.

The third section is about understanding love and compassion.

Finally, the author bio and book description.

Overall, the design meets my minimalist requirements.

The table of contents is quite unique, though. A lot of thought and imagination went into the design and structure of the book.

As for the poems, I would like to hear from you, the reader, what you feel about them.

That's it for the video. Goodbye.

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