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Music Video - Screenplay Demo - Niteen Hatle

Here is the shot-by-shot screenplay of the music video. I have edited the script while creating the video.

Watch till the end!

1. Rohit climbs the steps to his office. He reaches the first floor.

2. Nikki exits her boss' cabin and walks through the aisle toward her cubicle.

3. Rohit climbs to the second floor, He has some folders in his hands.

4. Nikki walks through the aisle and reaches the reception area.

5. Rohit reaches the second floor and turns left.

6. He bumps into Nikki and his folders fly up in the air and drop down on the floor.

7. Both of them go down to pick up the folders.

8. As Nikki picks up the books, Rohit's world has come to a standstill.

9. He looks at Nikki wide-eyed, oblivious of things happening around, not hearing any words she is saying, mesmerized by her beauty.

10. Nikki stands up and goes towards her cubicle, while Rohit, who is still dazed, turns around and watches her go.

11. Dissolve.

12. Nikki makes a presentation in the projection hall, Rohit watches her from amid other employees.

13. Nikki's eyes meet Rohit's at some point during the presentation. While Nikki smiles while explaining the chart on the screen, Rohit lets out a hint of the smile for an altogether different reason.

14. The presentation ends and everybody leaves except, Nikki, Rohit, and Ranbir. Ranbir and Nikki talk to each other.

15. Rohit watches them, quizzically. His eyes move from Nikki to Ranbir as they converse.

16. Dissolve

17. It's raining heavily. Rohit walks down the street with a big umbrella.

18. Nikki stands at a bus stop, waiting for the rain to stop.

19. Rohit sees her and so does Nikki.

20. Rohit asks her to get in his umbrella.

21. Nikki runs to him, as he walks toward her.

22. They walk some distance together.

23. Nikki sees Ranbir under a tree, taking shelter from the rain.

24. Nikki grabs the umbrella from Rohit and runs to Ranbir.

25. Rohit watches them together smiling under the umbrella, while he gets drenched.

26. Dissolve

27. Ranbir and Nikki are at the beach. They play in the water. It is still raining.

28. Nikki splashes water on Ranbir.

29. Ranbir is angry and runs after Nikki.

30. Ranbir splashes water on Nikki.

31. They both splash water on each other.

32. Ranbir goes closer to Nikki, while splashing water on her.

33. Nikki falls in the seawater.

34. Ranbir goes to her and picks her up.

35. Ranbir and Nikki hug each other.

36. Rohit watches them from the shore. He is having coconut water, with the umbrella in his hand.

37. Rain washes away his tears.

38. Dissolve

39. Rohit looks up as he walks toward a bungalow.

40. He goes up to the door and rings the bell.

41. He waits for the door to open.

42. The door opens and Nikki, all dressed up, and her sisters welcome him. Rohit is surprised.

43. Nikki grabs his hand and takes him in the house.

44. Rohit looks around the decorated house, the guests.

45. The guests walk briskly to the far end of the hall.

46. Rohit moves through the crowd and gets ahead of them.

47. He is dumbfounded as he sees Ranbir and Nikki exchange engagement rings.

48. Rohit is sad. He stands stunned as the guests move on to congratulate the couple.

49. Rohit sees that Nikki is very happy. She has a smile on her face as she thanks the guests.

50. He moves back toward the door with tears in his eyes.

51. Nikki meets more guests and looks up at Rohit.

52. His back is toward her as he reaches the door.

53. Nikki is hit by a realization, and still she accepts the best wishes of the guests.

54. Rohit exits and the door closes.

55. A guest offers her a gift, Nikki is stumped.

56. Dissolve

57. Rohit runs through the streets.

58. Air blows into his face, dries his tears as he runs away faster in disbelief.

59. He enters his house, disturbed and shattered.

60. His bedroom is full of Nikki's photos.

61. Her image is on every wall.

62. Rohit goes crazy. Throws away things in the room.

63. He falls on his bed and stares dead at the ceiling.

64. 16 various shots of Nikki's wedding to Ranbir, in slow motion.

a. Nikki enters the hall in bridal wear.

b. Ranbir is waiting at the wedding podium.

c. Nikki comes up opposite him.

d. Only a sacred cloth separates them.

e. Guests throw yellow rice at them for good luck.

f. The barrier cloth is removed.

g. Nikki garlands Ranbir.

h. Ranbir feels blessed.

i. He garlands Nikki.

j. She feels secure.

k. Priest lights the holy fire.

l. Ranbir leads Nikki around it.

m. Nikki leads Ranbir round the holy fire.

n. They take their wedding vows.

o. They seek blessing from the priest.

p. Their parents bless them.

q. Nikki hugs her mom tight.

r. Her dad leads her away from her mom.

65. Rohit gets up from his bed.

66. He looks down at the gift on the side table.

67. He runs out of the house.

68. Nikki and Ranbir leave their house/the wedding hall.

69. They get into a car and leave.

70. Rohit arrives in a rickshaw and watches them leave.

71. He runs after the car with the gift in his hand.

72. The car speeds away, leaving Rohit behind.

73. Rohit stops running.

74. Crane moves down on him.

75. Rohit exits the frame and goes to his car.

76. The film crew packs up.

77. Rohit gets in his car and looks to his left.

78. Nikki looks at him and smiles.

79. They hold hands.

80. Rohit takes Nikki home.

81. Fade out.

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