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Written Works

Medical / Action Thriller

When members of the Dharma Ashram exert pressure on Swami Narayan to transfer his healing touch and other more potent powers to Rajveer, he stumbles upon eleven-year-old Apurva. He detects massive vital energy flowing through her brain, much more than himself or anyone else he knew.

Swami Narayan transfers all his powers to Apurva and denies Rajveer the potent powers he so desperately seeks. With his dream of ruling the medical world shattered...

Love Poems

This Is How I Feel is a collection of poetry and prose, which explores unconditional love and the power of letting go. The poet feels rejection, heartbreak, fear, disappointment, and despair can be overcome with positive attitude, compassion, hope, kindness, and forgiveness. The poems focus on the brighter and positive side of love. This Is How I Feel is about celebrating love, despite all the hurting.

Mystery Suspense Thriller

"Anyone who goes to the haunted house never returns"

An electronics design engineer detects an apparition while testing a thermal camera. The thermal signature was clearly different from a living human being. But it disappears in a flash. This sets him off on a mission to prove the existence of ghosts.

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