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To P. and K.

To P. and K.

For twenty minutes, he talked on the phone. I don’t know what he talked about. I couldn’t hear him or else I would have known. And nor did I try to find out.

They have been in love for almost a year. From that smile on his face, it is pretty clear. That he has never been so deeply in love before. By the way, she called exactly at four.

I don’t know why love drives people so crazy, But he says that she’s really his baby. I wonder what those last two words really mean, Because I’ve not even met or seen her.

He says I hesitate to talk to people. Because I don’t talk too much and don’t know what to. But one thing I want to tell you two, I can understand that your love is true.

You’re in love and that’s the way I want you to be, Always together, always laughing, always happy.

Being in love was great back in the days of landlines. You actually needed to see someone in person, like her/him, meet her/him umpteen times, fall in love with her/him, spend time with her/him, have arguments, breakup, and makeup. Now compare that to the days of the smartphones. The second section of my book is named, “Makeups & Breakups”, tentatively, of course.

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