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  • Niteen Hatle

A Friend and A Lover

There was a time when I was very confused

Between a friend and a lover.

There was a time when I was refused

by a friend.

There was a time when I was desperate.

A friend and a lover I couldn’t separate.

When she was just a friend,

And a broken heart I tried to mend.

But then I realized that I was wrong.

Friendship between a couple could also be strong.

That a friend can make you feel jolly,

And even a lover can make you feel sorry.

I’m lucky I got away with it.

Because most of them decide to split.

I might have lost a lover, but I never lost a friend.

And life hasn't come to an end.

I'm happy I survived and now I live happily.

Even though she's a friend, she is lovely.

As lovely as any other girl could be.

And deep inside I know she still cares for me.

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1 Comment

Dec 17, 2020


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