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A Medical / Action Thriller by Niteen Hatle

Release Date: October 03, 2022

When members of the Dharma Ashram exert pressure on Swami Narayan to transfer his healing touch and other more potent powers to Rajveer, he stumbles upon eleven-year-old Apurva. He detects massive vital energy flowing through her brain, much more than himself or anyone else he knew.

Swami Narayan transfers all his powers to Apurva and denies Rajveer the potent powers he so desperately seeks. With his dream of ruling the medical world shattered, the swami anticipates a backlash from Rajveer and sends Apurva and her family to some place safe.

While Rajveer puts in motion his plans to control mankind, Apurva masters all the powers endowed to her. Rajveer tries to lure her into joining him, but she refuses. What follows is a game of the hunter and the hunted. Until the hunted becomes the hunter.

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