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  • Niteen Hatle

Thinking of You

Thinking of You

The joy of an embrace.

A touch and a kiss.

Loving you is happiness.

Thinking of you is bliss.

Your beautiful face,

Your mouth is your eyes.

The way they behave,

Joy, pain, and surprise.

Your brown silky hair,

The waves, the sky at twilight.

Your skin, so soft, so fair.

To look at you is a delight.

Being with you,

Gives this life a meaning.

The day I met you,

It was a new beginning.

- Niteen Hatle

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2 Yorum

06 Kas 2020

Mesmerizing poem 💛


Pritam Bhagwat
Pritam Bhagwat
05 Kas 2020

Nicely Written

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