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  • Niteen Hatle

She Asked, So I Said.

Love Can Be Fun.

She asked, "What kind of a woman do you want as a wife?"

I said, "Certainly not like a knife."

She said, "I want a serious answer from you."

And I said, "I want her to be just like you."

She said, "Stop that nonsense and get on with it."

I said, "I have to think about it."

"You've got 10 minutes to think, so think fast."

I scratched my head and had to say something at last.

So, I said, "I won't mind the religion she comes from,

But neither do I want her to be a supermodel.

Just a simple, naughty girl will be fine.

And she is a good friend of mine.

She wears glasses, but she's got beautiful eyes

And forms those dimples on her cheeks whenever she smiles.

She doesn't really care about her hair,

But she's beautiful and her skin is so fair.

I can't tell what dress she's going to wear the next day.

She looks beautiful in any dress anyway.

To look at her face, I am always so eager,

That I didn't even try to look at her figure.

And she is such a girl who doesn't…"

"Stop, you just jumped from future to present."

She said, "You have a girlfriend, so why didn't you tell me too?"

And I simply said, "Stupid, that's just a description of you.”

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1 Comment

Nov 17, 2020

Rhymes are so nice❤️❤️❤️

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