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  • Niteen Hatle

I Cared For You


This one is a follow up of my previous poem ‘Hey’ that I had posted some months back.

I Cared For You

I was happy for both of you.

I wanted you to be in love forever.

I even wrote for you,

So that you could be together.

I knew, your love is true,

Right from the beginning.

You don’t know how much I cared for you.

More than anything in this world.

But look what you have done.

Broke all promises.

Happy memories forgotten.

Two hearts shattered to pieces.

Now you tell me it has all ended,

And you don’t see each other anymore.

But that’s not what I wanted,

Not now and never before.

Dreamers like me learn the harsh realities of life through first-hand experiences. Some would say, ‘Such is life’. Well, I chose a picture of a fork in the road passing through lush green surroundings because I believe a disappointing end is the beginning of something wonderful.

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