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  • Niteen Hatle

She’s a Symbol of Love

She’s a Symbol of Love.

Her life is a struggle, to her unhappiness and sorrows are common. She’s the only one to suffer because she’s a woman. In the old days, great men used to bow in honor, But in this weird modern world, look what’s befallen her. We (men) just put that kerosene on her, And give her a little light. In the bazaar do we sell her, And she doesn’t even fight. Women, now-a-days, are seen on fire, Or given away on hire. We burn her like a candle, One day, each and every man she’ll handle. We beat her like hell and her skin do we tear, Time has come when she won’t keep quiet and bear. The whole world’s attention she’s going to divert, It’s a warning for us to be alert. If injustice reaches its height, She’ll just not look, she’ll fight, If needed, she’ll take the law in her hands, And drop us to the sands. So, let’s prevent her from taking those guns, Let’s not hire, let’s not give those burns. She wants some freedom and a life of ease, She’s a symbol of love and a symbol of peace.

Written in 1989, still relevant in 2019. Just as times have changed, so have the methods.

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