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  • Niteen Hatle

New Book Title Reveal

Yes! The day has come to share my book with the world.

I had thought of two titles for the book when I began writing the first draft. Two simple titles. As the story progressed, things got bigger and the titles seemed ordinary. That troubled me for a few days. But you always start small and move on to bigger things. I was more than halfway through the book when I came up with a title, which described what the story was about, what the basis of the story was.

Ramol, a friend and colleague of many years, agreed to read the first four chapters of the manuscript and give me feedback. After he read the initial chapters, he said he was hooked and wanted to read further. But... Yup, there’s always a but that keeps you grounded and makes you wonder if it was a good thing to write the book in the first place.

Ramol said the premise was interesting, but he was not sure about the title. After the ‘Millennium Trilogy’, there had been several books that had a title with the same first two words. He categorically said readers were bored of books with titles starting with those two words. Nobody would read the book.

I was a bit disappointed, but I told him to read further and suggest me an alternative title. While he read the book, I began to think of an alternative title, but I just couldn’t. I thought the current title was perfect. And when Ramol finished reading the book, he said the title was fine. Any other title would have been unsuitable.

That cheered me up and here I am ready to reveal the title and share the book with you.

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