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  • Niteen Hatle

I’m a Dreamer

I’m a Dreamer

You might say I’m a dreamer, yes, I am, And I honestly don’t mind. For, I can see what no one can see. As clearly as it can really be.

I can see her in my dreams whenever I want to. I can touch her, hold her, and sometimes I can kiss her too. I can give a star as a present to her, And I can fly with her in the sky, farther and farther. Until we can see nothing down below, And we can touch that beautiful rainbow.

I can make her every tear look like a shooting star. No, I don’t think I’m going too far. For, dreams like these are not meant to be chased. They should, as soon as possible, be erased.

This is the last poem of Section 1 (tentatively named ‘Crushes, Infatuations, Dreams, Love?‘) of my upcoming book of poems. Will share more info about the book in the next post.

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