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Last Adventure


"Anyone who goes to the haunted house never returns"

An electronics design engineer detects an apparition while testing a thermal camera. The thermal signature was clearly different from a living human being. But it disappears in a flash. This sets him off on a mission to prove the existence of ghosts.

He investigates a number of cases in the next five years. None of the cases provides enough evidence to prove the existence of ghosts. He is about to give up his research, when a potential case involving a haunted house gets him back to ghost hunting.


Last Adventure, like a roller coaster, starts slow, gains momentum, has its twists & turns, and finishes with a sense of calm contemplation.

The wait is over. Fatal Secrets is over here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

The New York Times


Thrilling in the extreme, Fatal Secrets is a definite page-flipper.

The Washington Post

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