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  • Niteen Hatle



Now that you are married, Don’t think it’s enough with the loving. Don’t forget to do the things that you did, Before you ever thought of marrying. Now that you will be together, Please don’t think there’s no need to say those three words to each other. Don’t forget those birthdays you celebrated, And the bus stops where you waited. Remember all the gifts and those ice creams. Those greetings and all those dreams. Remember that day, when, for the first time you had met, And remember those hours you spent waiting, just for the sun to set. Now that you are married, Don’t forget that you were friends first. When you come across things that keep you worried, Please don’t try to make it worse. You are now married, But you might still have some differences between you. So, do what you did when you were a kid, Go ahead and fight it out, but just remember to get back too.

a gift for a friend who took the plunge

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